Bachelor of Science in
Environmental Management and Technology (EVMT)

FAQ & Important Notes
  1. When should I apply for exchange?
    Normally, one year before the semester that you would like to go on exchange. Updated exchange information will be sent to you via email from time to time.
  2. Which is the most appropriate year for students to go on exchange?
    Fall or Spring term in 3rd year of study.
  3. Are IELTS / TOEFL results mandatory for application to the exchange program?
    Not a must. Students must have their IELTS / TOEFL results ready at the time of nomination if the host institution requires valid English test score for admission to their exchange programs.
  4. If my CGA is lower than 3.0, can I apply for the ENVR International Exchange Program?
    You may still apply for the ENVR International Exchange Program but the final decision rests with the Division of Environment and Sustainability and the host university.
  5. Can I apply for the ENVR Co-curricular activities sponsorship if I am selected to go on the exchange?
    No, the exchange programs are excluded from the Division Co-curricular activities sponsorship. If you need any financial support, please visit the Study Abroad website.
  6. Will interview(s) be conducted for admission to the exchange program?
    Yes, applicants may be invited to attend 1-2 selection interview(s) by our Division or others Schools.
  7. Can I apply for the exchange program again if I have already gone on exchange once during my studies?
    Yes, you may still apply for a second exchange opportunity but will be placed in a lower priority. Most students only go on exchange once.
  8. What else should I know before and during the exchange?
    You may visit the HKUST Study Abroad website or more information.

Points to note

  • Students who decline an offer to the exchange program will be placed in a lower priority when he/she applies for exchange in the next exercise.
  • Under normal circumstances, students can go on exchange once. They may apply for the second exchange opportunity but will be placed in a lower priority.
  • Students are encouraged to have their application package (Transcript, CV, IELTS/TOEFL result, personal statement, recommendation letter etc.) readily available at all times as exchange opportunities may arise from time to time.
  • Those who wish to request reference letters from ENVR Faculty members to support their exchange application should submit the request to the Faculty member directly. Once obtained, the reference letter should be sent to Ms Sharon Chong of ENVR for inclusion in your application package to the host institution.
  • Students are advised to check their email everyday for updates about exchange programs.
  • For enquiries, please contact Ms Sharon Chong (2358 8363 / )