Bachelor of Science in
Environmental Management and Technology (EVMT)

Program ILOs

The Intended Learning Outcomes of the EVMT program:

  1. Adopt an inter-disciplinary approach to tackle complex real-world problems.
  2. Communicate effectively with people of different levels and work areas.
  3. Transfer acquired knowledge to meet changes and challenges in different fields.
  4. Engage in activities that lead to impact of social improvement.
  5. Have the ability to create and innovate with divergent thinking.
  6. Demonstrate proficiency in their knowledge of advanced environmental technologies, environmental management practices and the interface between these technologies and society, business and policy.
  7. Formulate effective and innovative solutions to environmental problems by integrating and applying concepts from environmental technology, management and sustainable development.
  8. Understand professional responsibilities and ethical environmental standards and how to exercise them in roles of environmental leaders, policy makers and technical managers.