Bachelor of Science in
Environmental Management and Technology (EVMT)


Eco-friendly practices and profits

Sustainable development is one of the great global concerns of our time. Finding a balance between business and the natural world – a way of solving environmental challenges that allows companies to profitably grow in harmony with Nature – is a task that cannot wait.

Climate change, pollution, energy consumption, and water resources are just some of the many issues that we urgently need to address if we are to secure a habitable environment for our own and future generations. Responding to this vital quest requires a new type of environmental managers with the cross-disciplinary knowledge and enthusiasm to find win-win solutions in both ecological and economic terms.

Major corporations in Hong Kong and around the globe are seeking professionals who are skilled in environmental management and technology. With speed essential in the race to safeguard the environment, HKUST’s pace-setting undergraduate Environmental Management and Technology program offers a unique opportunity for you to move ahead in this high-impact field.

Corporate view

Dr. Jeanne Ng
CLP Holdings Limited, Director of Group Environmental Affairs

In this video, Dr. Ng talks about how climate change is affecting the energy sector, the key role of balancing sustainability in corporations, and the characteristics required in future green leaders.

why_EVMT Godfrey

Student sharing

Godfrey MOK, EVMT Class 2014, non-jupas

The main reason for I chose EVMT is because I have always been interested in environment-related topics, like global warming, energy issues and conservation. One of my favorite reads in high school was “Hot, Flat and Crowded” by Thomas L. Friedman. This book has shed some light to me on the interconnected issues of environment, economics, society and technology. It also pushed me to find out more and EVMT appeared to provide the platform as to what I was looking for.

What is also attractive about EVMT is the multi-perspective approach towards the subject of environment. Most undergraduate degrees in a university require an in-depth study of a particular discipline. However, this degree seems to provide an opportunity to tackle an issue through various different disciplines. Personally, I find this appealing because it is my interest to look at an issue from more than one perspective.